Ears Up Design Studio is a large, collaborative workspace for multimedia design and prototyping. It is designed to be a trial ground for ideas at any stage of the creative process, allowing teams to interact with their projects before any final construction has begun.


Sound design spaces commonly feature traditional stereo or surround playback systems, designed to meet specific needs of the film, TV, and music industries. Projects which feature larger, more customized loudspeaker configurations are often forced to prototype their designs in these limited environments—or worse, on laptops with headphones. Ears Up Design Studio pushes beyond these traditional formats, providing a flexible, configurable workspace to match the unique needs of your project.


The Ears Up Design Studio is located on the border between Glendale and Burbank, amidst many of the largest creative studios in Los Angeles. At the center of the space is a 22’ x 22’ x 12’ box truss that surrounds a modular stage deck. A selection of over twenty in-house loudspeakers can be placed in nearly any position around, above, and under the stage. With this flexibility, our space can be reconfigured to emulate the sound system in the final installation. Designing and mixing the sound content on a customized system saves time, and facilitates a smooth transition to the final installation.


The prototyping experience need not stop at the audio system. Our studio is designed to incorporate video and virtual reality playback, ride vehicle components, scenery, and lighting elements. With Ears Up Design Studio, we created a multi-sensory laboratory to illustrate, explore, and experience ideas.

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